Project overview

What is Advertium?
Advertium is a mobile app where everyday shoppers can earn crypto as shopping rewards, and $ADV is the token to govern the platform.
We're helping everyday people to earn crypto on every step of the way through a mobile app which is empowered by its own native $ADV token and NFTs. The app is built to convert the shopping experience from Web2 to Web3, introducing cryptocurrencies to people who don’t intend to directly purchase or invest in crypto.
Advertium provides every day users with a unique chance to monetize their daily activities and earn crypto, NFT or other awesome rewards, whether they're shopping, completing tasks, watching ads or staking their existing $ADV.
The cutting-edge business model allows everyday people to potentially earn up to 50% crypto cashback as a shopping reward without any extra steps in their regular shopping journey, changing the standards of loyalty & cashback programs worldwide.
Advertium also offers additional features such as micro-task rewards, where users can take quick surveys or other simple marketing ‘errands’ in order to earn additional crypto like watching advertising videos or interacting with the brands marketing campaigns.
Shop at brands you love! With over 1,000 online & offline brands now available there’s never been a better time to start earning crypto cashback with Advertium!
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