Business model

How will the project generate money except token sales? How does the team source revenue to sustain operations?
We have several revenue streams in addition to the token sale. One of the most difficult challenges for blockchain projects is attracting money from outside the token ecosystem. Without external revenue, the project token value will almost certainly fall to zero once no newcomers arrive. Linking Web 2 revenue to Web 3 assets is a problem that has yet to be solved.
In contrast to other blockchain projects, Advertium can generate economic revenue through shopping and advertising activities. To emphasize our distinction, we coined the term "Main Revenue Profit" (MRP). To ensure that every token has an intrinsic value generated by our users through their shopping, all profits from potential business (affiliate business, interchange fee, merchant commission) will be stored in the MRP and used to back the ADV tokens on the market rewarded to users as cashback.
1. Merchant's sales commission:
- When Advertium users make purchases at our merchant partners' stores, we are paid a sales commission by the merchant.
2. In-app advertising:
- Store owners who want to increase their visibility, hot deals, top merchants, etc., can sponsor their store on the app.
- Short commercial videos can be produced and published by brands and agencies.
3. Interchange charge: We will receive an interchange fee from card issuers for each transaction. Customers must pay issuance, upkeep, and transaction fees.
4. NFT Marketplace charges