Problem statement

What problems Advertium intended to solve?
Our ultimate vision is always to solve the biggest problem of the blockchain space: bringing Web3 to the masses and creating mass crypto adoption introducing cryptocurrency to the people who do not intend to directly purchase or invest into. On the other side we will help merchants grow business and contribute to rapidly stimulating the world economy.
Advertium offers a crypto cashback program and provides to individuals the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for completing various tasks or purchases. Our project can help address several issues, including:
1. Lack of adoption
2. Limited utility of cryptocurrency
3. Offer more choice
Overall, our crypto cashback program aims to increase adoption, improve utility, and provide more choice to consumers.
We want to turn Web3 awareness to token ownership by creating a loyalty platform on blockchain where users can easily and safely own their first tokens through daily shopping activities and at the same time helping merchants grow their businesses.