Project structure

Product description
  • Shop to Earn - We've combined the power of blockchain and traditional cashback to create the Shop to Earn feature! Users can earn up to 80% crypto cashback at our 1,000+ online & physical partner stores
  • Watch to Earn - First of its kind platform that has completely changed the way advertising works! Ads are targeted to ideal customers! Ever imagined earning crypto from watching videos? Advertium app enables it's users to earn digital assets just for watching short in-app targeted advertising videos!
  • Explore to Earn - With Advertium every place is a Smart Place. Advertium makes venues interactive, connected and relevant. It gamifies outdoor experience. Advertium rewards individuals for visiting places and motivates them to go outside and explore.
  • Debit Card - Use of $ADV tokens in everyday life! Users can receive, send and store $ADV using Advertium Debit Card. Withdraw of $ADV tokens at any ATM worldwide. Pay with $ADV in any retail shop and get crypto cashback in +40M stores worldwide.
  • Staking - Stake your earned $ADV to Earn additional passive income! By staking your $ADV you can boost your rewards level and increase your cashback rewards up to x10 depending on the staking membership levels.
  • NFT - By owning an NFT you can get access to premium in-app perks and membership levels. Premium NFT owners will get 20% share of the total company revenue, every month!