Web2 vs Web3

Why is Advertium better than existing ways of cashback programs? Why will users prefer Advertium?
1. Decentralized: Advertium Web3 cashback program is built on decentralized blockchain technology, meaning there is no centralized authority that controls the program. This eliminates the risk of fraud, manipulation, or biased decision-making.
2. Transparency: Every transaction in a web3 cashback program is recorded on the blockchain and is accessible to everyone. This ensures transparency and accountability, making it easier to detect any fraudulent activities.
3. Personalization: Web3 cashback programs can use smart contracts to customize cashback offers according to individual customer preferences and behavior. This enhances the customer experience and increases engagement.
4. Privacy: Web3 cashback programs can enable users to maintain their privacy while still participating in the program. With web2 programs, users often have to give up personal information to participate.
Overall, our web3 cashback program offers a more secure, transparent, and personalized approach to cashback rewards and requires no lifestyle changes.